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Martes, Abril 1, 2014

Use your Toyota Fortuner for Car Cash Loan Without Taking Your Car (OR CR Only) at Lowest Interest

So you've got a Toyota Fortuner on hand, fully owned and you need instant quick extra cash either for business revolving fund, construction project funding source, business expansion or for payment of utility bills, tuition fee and other life needs. You've absolutely come to the right place. I serve free loan consultation and application assistance anywhere you may be in the Philippines where we have a catering branch provider. Call and ask me now.

But the problem is you don't know how to go through with the process of using that car to file for a collateral loan and you don't know where to go, who to approach and what is your better option.

Well, frankly, even if I work for different private lending companies in the Philippines I would like to first show you which is a better option in this case - a bank or a private financing firm?

First off allow me to enlighten you with the process of application for car collateral loan with a bank wherein basically, the same documentary requirements will be required from the borrower client compared to a private lending company. The difference really lies in the process and the pre-qualification requirements in order to be allowed or approved of your loan.

Banks basically need you to have a regular source of income which is almost the same with a private lender but the thing is with the higher loanable amount approval. As per experience being a loan consultant for 3 years now, banks will give you not 80% or 70% or 60% approval based from fair market value. Banks usually give you 40%-50% only which contrary to private lenders, an oozing 80% maximum approval awaits the loan borrower if and should he or she qualify to prove a convincing capacity to pay for the loan he or she needs or is applying for.

Meaning, if banks will allow you a lower loanable amount even if you have the capacity to pay, chances are, you will only get a minimal loan amount approval. The positive thing with banks is the interest rates which obviously are much lower including processing fees and other charges. But by experience, most loan applicants are after the fast approval, less processing hassle compared to super duper long process with banks and much more CI processes.

So by experience, private lending companies usually win over banks. This being so, you are awarded to a maximum 1 day release of loan with lowest interest rate for your Toyota Fortuner to be used as collateral in applying for a loan in the Philippines. Collateral loan offer a much lower processing fee and interest rates compared to non-collateral unsecured loans like a doctors loan or a seaman loan or bank personal loan.

So the next time you've got a Toyota Furtuner and you want to use it for collateral loan without taking your car, just buzz me up or give me a call at my contact details below and I'd be glad to assist you in the whole process of your loan FOR FREE!

Call me to apply for Car Loan – Sam Casuncad (Pinoy loan consultant)
home office phone: 542 7015 / 366 3645
Sun Cellular No 0932 – 872 5532
Smart Cellular No 0939 – 9269335
Globe No 0917 – 5019245
Email application form at

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