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Martes, Nobyembre 12, 2013

Why Private Cars Gets Higher Loanable Amount Compared to Taxi or Public Vehicles

Taxi Loan Compared to Private Car Loan
Owners of public vehicles or yellow plate cars end up getting a lower loanable amount and this is a fact. But very few vehicle owners would understand and comprehend with this issue. A client of mine a couple of days ago got to the office to apply for 500k loan for her Toyota Avanza 2012 taxi (yellow plate) with LTFRB franchise and guess what? The loanable amount was surprisingly very low at only 350k estimate loan proceeds gross compared to a previously approved private car loan using the same year model of Toyota Avanza 2012 which yielded more than as much as 420k.

Biyernes, Setyembre 27, 2013

Car Loan Takeout to Prevent Foreclosure (Refinancing) - Don't Let the Bank or Financing Company Take your Car

Little do many car owners or to the least those who have bought cars via bank financing or private financing that more often than not, they can prevent foreclosure of their priced possession. A car when financed would usually end up taken out by the legal department of a bank (usually) or a private financing when you fail to pay at a minimum to my knowhow as a loan consultant of up to only 3 consecutive monthly payments.

If you are on this, you are in real big trouble. You must outright ask for the advice of a professional or you will loose everything - the car you've always dreamed of and the money you used to pay for premium all those years and months of hard work.

Lunes, Agosto 12, 2013

Taxi Loan - Car Collateral OR CR Only Without Taking your Car

Taxi Loan in the Philippines? Ask Me Now!
Part of the Philippines car loan lending industry is to accept taxi loan. This is a collateral for cash lending where only the OR CR is the collateral. This is also a loan without taking your car so the borrower can still use the taxi to work out and be able to pay for the monthly loan amortization.

If you own a taxi whether it is a private franchise or with UV express, you definitely have a place to pawn (sangla) your taxi. You will need the same requirements as the regular car loan plus add to that a copy of the franchise of the taxi which will be needed for the approval of your auto loan application.

Sabado, Agosto 10, 2013

Toyota Car Loan - Quick Cash as Fast as 1 Day Release

Car Loan 1 Day Possible Release - Find Out How
In every fast processing of a car loan, there is always a secret to it. As a Pinoy loan consultant, I know how it works with lending company policies and pre requisites so I know how to handle a client if they wanted to opt in for a fast car loan application approval.

To tell you the truth, it is possible to have a car loan approved as fast as 1 day release. But of course all that will come only if the borrower is willing to oblige with the requirements and produce the right and correct documents needed for a car loan to be processed hassle-free and without stress to the applicant.

Biyernes, Hunyo 21, 2013

Used Car Loan Financing

In the Philippines, many Pinoys are looking for used car loan financing. The advantage here is that you don't need to shell out big amount of cash if you want to buy second hand car. In Cebu for example, a previous car loan borrower asked me about how he could qualify to have a used car financed by the lending company whom I work for as a freelance loan consultant. I gave him all necessary list of documentary requirements and estimate loan interest rate via calculator as well as how much monthly amortization he needs to pay for a specific car model he intends to buy.

Auto Loan Financing Philippines - Refinancing or Car Loan Takeout

So what is a car takeout? In the auto loan industry, this means that you have a car bought under a financing institution. It could be either a bank, a lending company in the Philippines, a car dealer who offers a car loan option for second hand cars or from a third party provider.

Martes, Hunyo 18, 2013

Car Loan in the Philippines - Collateral, Second Hand Buy and Brand New Auto Financing

Apply for Car Collateral Loan Philippines Now!
So there are just basically 3 types of car loan in the Philippines. The first one is car for cash loan. The second one is second hand car buy financing loan and brand new car auto financing.

Characterized today by fast loan system, the auto loan has already become a quick release loan for Filipinos in effect of professional loan consultants who are well versed with the preparation of documentary requirements and pre-qualification matters for the borrowers. This way, if you are not familiar with getting the service of a professional loan consultant, you ought to consider getting one. Certified professionals in the field can definitely help you with making you loan application be approved faster.

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