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Lunes, Agosto 12, 2013

Taxi Loan - Car Collateral OR CR Only Without Taking your Car

Taxi Loan in the Philippines? Ask Me Now!
Part of the Philippines car loan lending industry is to accept taxi loan. This is a collateral for cash lending where only the OR CR is the collateral. This is also a loan without taking your car so the borrower can still use the taxi to work out and be able to pay for the monthly loan amortization.

If you own a taxi whether it is a private franchise or with UV express, you definitely have a place to pawn (sangla) your taxi. You will need the same requirements as the regular car loan plus add to that a copy of the franchise of the taxi which will be needed for the approval of your auto loan application.

To apply, please be sure that your taxi is not encumbered with a private financing company or a bank. If this is your case, you may opt in instead of the taxi loan takeout or car loan takeout where the lending company will take out your taxi from your current financing and will give you the excess of the loanable amount proceeds. In this set up, you will be paying no longer to your financing, instead, you will be given by the lending company a computation of your new monthly taxi loan amortization wherein you will be given a certain amount of monthly payments including the interest rates and basic monthly loan amortization.

Visit this page for more information or contact me now for FREE consultation and assistance for your car / taxi loan application.

Call me to apply for Taxi Loan – Sam Casuncad (Pinoy loan consultant)
home office phone: 542 70 15
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Email application form at samcasuncad dot ofwcashloan at gmail dot com

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